Best buys for an 8 month old

With my little boy now being 8 months I’m finding this month that I’m needing new things to keep him amused. These are the most useful things I have found for my little one at 8 months old. I will link all below.

VTech baby safe turtle thermometer
This little turtle floats around singing, flashing and at the click of a button tells you the temperature of the bath water and if it is too hot, too cold or just right for your baby. Since having this I have realised ‘Just right’ was a lot warmer than I initially thought a babys bath should be. Poor little one had probably been freezing in the bath for the first few months! whoops!!

Fisher Price rarin’ rainforest Jumperoo
We love the Jumperoo! and I suppose we have been using it for a while but now that little one has hit 8 months bouncing and playing has been in full swing. He loves the tunes it plays and claps every time they start. The toys on the side keep him amused for ages and now that he has figured he can hop on one foot and rotate to new toys he is in his element. Its a place I can leave him to play whilst I have to run out of the room and I know he is secure and having fun. To be honest it’s the thing he can sit in and it keep him amused for the longest and is probably his most used toy.

Milton mini soother steriliser
We now have a new game. Taking his dummy out, hanging it over the side of the buggy, laughing, dropping it, clapping and waiting for mummy to pick it up. And repeat. 281 times. Every day.
So the Milton pod has saved us. You just pop in the dummy and it soaks in sterilising fluid. Ive been rotating one in his mouth and one in the pod so that when one gets dropped we have a clean one waiting. I love knowing that he’s not going to be putting that dirty old dummy back in his mouth and that I have a spare thats completely safe and clean.

Teethers have been a life saver this month as suddenly 6 teeth have appeared! I was defiantly not expecting so many at once so teeters have been our toy of choice. I mean currently he is using pretty much everything as a teether, his hands, my face, the sofa, as long as he can chew on it- its been chewed. The teethers we have reached for most have been Sophie the giraffe and the Munchkin twisting teether ball.

Full coverage bibs
Now that little one is eating i have realised how useless tiny cute bibs are. Baby food gets everywhere. EVERYWHERE! so the bigger the bib the better. Yes i mean the ones with sleeves, go their knees, they are amazing and save me so much cleaning.

Bath books
Bath time is his favourite time and he loves all his bath toys but the last few weeks it has been the books that he is reaching for the most, so I thought I would include them. He loves books so books + bath = ultimate playtime for my little one.

I won’t go in to too much detail on this one. Poo explosions. Orange dinners (why are they always orange?!) Our white clothes are so far going stain free thanks to A LOT of vanish.

Flashing toys
Now that he is more able to play and explore with toys he is really enjoying all things lights and sounds. Anything that flashes brings immediate excitement and a huge smile. One of his favourites being the ELC light & sound drum.

VTech baby safe turtle thermometerhttps://www.johnlewis.com/vtech-baby-safe-turtle-thermometer/p3051514?sku=236149094&s_kwcid=2dx92700017952168096&tmad=c&tmcampid=2&gclid=CLHpnvWfvdMCFQwaGwodPukI7Q&gclsrc=aw.ds                                                                           Fisher price roaring’ rainforest Jumperoohttp://www.mothercare.com/baby-walkers-and-activity-stations/fisher-price-roarin-rainforest-jumperoo/846593.html
Milton mini soother steriliserhttp://www.milton-tm.com/en/consumer/products/mini-portable-soother-steriliser
Sophie the giraffehttp://www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk/sophie-la-girafe-teether-b6972.html?gclid=CKG_95ifvdMCFeG37QodrnQBNg
Munchkin twisty teether ballhttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Munchkin-011318-Twisty-Teether-Ball/dp/B006MB1S9S/ref=sr_1_4_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1493042127&sr=8-4&keywords=teether+ball
ELC light & sound drumhttp://www.elc.co.uk/interactive-light-and-sound-toys/light-and-sound-drum/130774.html



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